Welcome to interstitio!

So, interstitio, eh? What’s that all about?

interstitio co-founder Eric Gladstone and I were brought together as I built out a portfolio of rigorous social science experiments within the organizations I have previously worked in. I recently wrote about that here on the Google re:Work blog and we’ll be presenting this at the upcoming Collective Intelligence 2017 conference in June.

As Eric and I continued our conversations, beyond just the immediate research we were engaged in, we recognized a need in organizations for clarity. We feel there’s a need for some cold hard scientific inquiry – not just for giggles, not because we can write papers and give talks – but because truly being successful in an organization's mission demands it.

Hence interstitio, a one-stop shop for you to work with us on exactly that – the application of ‘science’ to your organization, it’s problems, and the work you need to do in the World.

What we’ve done for existing clients, and we’re continuing to build out all the time, is a set of practices and offerings that will help you do just that: apply cold hard scientific inquiry and practices to Make Your Work Better. It’s as simple as that.  Whether it’s deep conversations where we listen and surface your hidden assumptions, or through thoughtful survey design, or in the construction and execution of an experiment or intervention, or through surfacing your underlying communication networks – all in the service of helping you achieve your goals.

As you’ll read in our philosophy section, we are firm believers that work is a complex social problem (more on this in later blog posts), and that to cope with that complexity we must move with clarity and speed.

So welcome to interstitio, and do let us know if we can help you in anyway. To quote Peter Venkman – “24 hours a day, seven days a week. No job is too big, no fee is too big.”