We help you design data collection and interrogation in order to generate statistically-testable outcomes, and determine whether a given course of action is better than another in solving your organization's challenges.

Gathering Data

Experimental design and implementation

We enable real-world experiments (conditioning a business on x, y variable), to statistically evaluate what is true by testing assumptions and competing explanations or hypotheses.

Survey Design and Implementation

To statistically evaluate what is “true,” we provide same-day interrogation of organizational members and same-day interrogation of customer wants/needs/beliefs (via online populations).

Critical Data interrogation and review

Through detailed data inquiry, we surface assumptions and underlying context. In turn, this helps us determine hypotheses, which inform future experimentation.

Analyzing Data

Statistical modeling

We use statistical modeling (i.e. regression, ANOVA, t-test, multivariate regression, logit) to determine correlational and predictive probabilities.

organizational network analysis

We use interorganizational, intraorganizational, and general population network analysis to map the ties between businesses, customers, and employees and assess email and social transactions via statistical methods. By visually displaying the results of this analysis, you can identify key players, knowledge silos, and espoused vs. actual practices (i.e. racism, sexism, corporate culture).

Quantitative content analysis

We can analyze content in an automated fashion, as frequently as desired, to algorithmically identify emotion, personality, and indicators of corporate culture. This can greatly supplement traditional HR practices through surfacing of objective measures of misalignment or assumption.

Making Decisions

Probablistic reasoning

We help you use statistics and modeling to determine, as a function of by chance, what decision is “best.”

workshops and education

We can design and deliver bespoke workshops and educational modules to help any level of your organization understand the critical role that networks are playing in all facets of business in the global economy of the 21st Century.