There's a better way to work, and we can help you find it. 

We have worked with numerous clients, including large businesses, nonprofits, and in the government space, to realize significant tangible outcomes. In collaboration with senior leadership teams, we have realized significant tangible outcomes generating substantial strategic value for our customers.

Our solutions are highly-customized, tailored to our clients. Below are some examples of the types of solutions we offer.


HR solutions

Traditional HR processes rely on self-report and high-level organizational data to assess employee importance, equality, knowledge, and communicative ability. Rather than analyze what people say they do, we analyze what people actually do, via your organizational email records. Example organizational questions we help people answer include:

  • Does your commitment to gender equality exist beyond your mission statement? We can take a quick look at your email network and assess if women are statistically less likely to receive or respond to emails.
  • Looking at making structural changes in the organization? Knowing the actual vs. formal communication network is critical. We can tell you what individuals are knowledge repositories, who who link otherwise disconnected groups, and get to the reality beyond the formal org chart.
  • Would you like a real-time pulse on organizational sentiment, affect, or emotion? We can generate customizable dashboards that, algorithmically detect emotional affect e.g. (dis)satisfaction, joy/frustration, or (dis)engagement. This includes the effective identification of individuals who may be potentially innovative or unique that are otherwise toiling in the unknown.
  • Are you employees happier in the morning? How did people feel after that big first quarter meeting? Traditional HR processes rely largely on time consuming in-person interviews or surveys that lack flexibility and the ability to be frequently issued. We are able to quickly and efficiently query your work force and access personality, emotion, affect, and whatever other important variable you may be interested in. 

You already have this data, and generate tons of it per day. We take it and run. (blog post link to Eric's conceptual knowledge network blog -- link this when the blogs have been imported)


executive and C-Suite Solutions

How does one successfully implement a culture change across an entire organization? Meetings? Webinars? Posters by the cooler? Pure hope? It sounds laughable, but what else do you have without science? We leverage well known theories of peer influence, social network analysis, and personnel psychology to strategically manipulate the culture within your firm. Do you need employees to adopt a new communication platform? Perhaps embrace knowledge sharing and collaboration? We have a proven track record of successfully achieving these outcomes, generating significant cost-savings along the way, all with existing organizational data.


Marketing Solutions

Times have changed since the days of SWOT. We can do more now. Panel groups consisting of 15 (non-representative) statistically sketchy and time consuming days are gone. We are able to leverage crowd-sourcing and survey design to gather you same-day answers to important marketing questions, from market research to user experience. For example: Is your logo the right color? Do customers approve of your new product direction? We can access millions of people across the nation and the globe to deliver statistically valid answers. We enable marketing departments to make quick, informed, and statistically and demographically relevant decisions to important questions. Instead of relying on 20 people in a room that took too long to coordinate too much money to motivate, we provide hundreds (or thousands) of informed responses for a fraction of the cost, and at an even greater fraction of the time. To that, our platform for inquiry is infinitely flexible, and can be tailored to any question you may want to know.


Management solutions

Effective leadership means making strong decisions. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, it is not clear what practice is best. Why settle for an "educated" decision? Through our expertise in experimental design, implementation, and analysis, we can turn your organization into a laboratory. We will partition your organization up in to competing hypotheses, and see which outcome is best. Are employees more motivated by a social gesture such as an award, or a simple 200 per week pay raise? Do they work best in traditional office settings, or better at home or as they see fit? We will design experiments that tease apart these questions, and provide direct, causal, and definitive answers to important questions.